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Are You Geared Up For Summer 09?

Posted By almost famous on Dec 27, 2008 at 11:11PM

With all the crappy weather Chicago is getting(more on this here---> http://chicagolife.onsugar.com/ ), I can't help but to stress over what 10lbs I've gained eating all the grub I got my hands on this Thanksgiving and Christmas. My mother is the baddest cook and my father and throw down on BBQ! Truth be told, I still screwed up on my D.I.E.T. *panics* I can't even think about all the good smells that will fill the kitchen air. *God help me* However, no matter how much I pray to save myself from cheating and stressing it is still my fault for picking up that silver fork with a piece of turkey attached to it.

So I have to get back to the element of me. I really have to stick think thing out for another year. I still am loosing (not counting the ten pounds I just mentioned...lol), but I still face the image of the perfect body. I mean i know I'm not the only women behind the computer screen (it would be so...humiliating if I am), that looks at Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and my favorite Rihanna in their bikinis saying "Wow! She's hot. I wish I didn't have rolls and dimples all over my thighs...". Damn I didn't mean to bust myself out like that right? LOL Anyways what I'm trying to say is, I need to get back to were I was and that is on that successful road to Fabulosity!Summer 09'Summer 09'

P.S. SHOUT OUT TO KIMORA LEE SIMMONS!!! For inventing such a word...

What's the best way to job hunt?

Posted By almost famous on Oct 23, 2008 at 8:40PM

I'm currently filling out applications and going absolutely going NOWHERE! So I was wondering if you ladies had any advice on a fail proof way to getting a job?

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Go with the Flow?

Posted By almost famous on Oct 10, 2008 at 7:10PM

Why is it when you don't want something, it's there. Is it because you DON'T want it or fate is just funny? All I know is I'M sick and tired of Mr. Right (I call him Mr.Perfect), is always coming or there when your bust with school, work, family or other personal issues. Its like the universe is playing with your heart. When you want that good specimen of a man he's sitting his fine ass at home watching the game, but when you aren't looking he wants to dress to impress and in your face smiling his ass off showing those pretty white teeth. *Takes a breath* God...why you do this to me?

Ladies ladies ladies. I don't know what I'm gonna do in this situation. I mean, do I just drop all my concetration on what's important or try to fit him in there? WTF???!!! I can't understand it. Why do we have to let go of something inorder for it to come in? Call it "core of peace" if you'd like, but I'm stooped. Some say work towards it and others rather you forget about it and let it happen. Love I'm guessing is one of those things you have to let happen. Right? I mean, hell you can't make people stay in your life, nor just bring them there. So maybe that's what those people are getting at? The just-let-it-happen crew advises us to let go of the neediness. As oppose to the chase-your-goals clique. When you chase after something, you're more than likely to feel the rejection harder and your hurt will hit you harder. You go after love saying "come here...Want me like I want you". The hunger is there and quite noticable. And there you have it, a despreate woman wanting to be loved. Ehhh. I think I have come to my concluion....

Communicating with an old friend...Help!

Posted By almost famous on Aug 23, 2008 at 9:49PM

I'm over here packing up my books, because me and my family are looking for a new home. I noticed a number from a friend I used to talk to when I went to college. I can remember why I stopped talking to her and all the emotions that went into dealing with the break up. I remember that the break up was over something stupid. I was younger and thinking I didn't need a friend. Well a couple of years ago, I had slipped into a depression and felt lonely. I didn't realized how much you actually need people in your life to keep you from being lonely, depressed and grounded. I realized I was dropping bad friends as well as good friends. Which isn't healthy...

I've already reconnected with a high school friend, however she's not someone I would call a best friend. My old friend from college was one that I could of went out and had fun with...Which is something I want to do. I want to have a great time before I meet Mr. Right. I'm not much of a partier, but dressing up and have a few drinks at a hot club can't hurt...

I'm kinda of embarrassed because of my sheltered life. I should kinda know how to have a good time. So I'm trying to reach out to her and see if she's gonna be open enough or dis me like I dissed her..Which is what I'm afriad of. What should I do and how can I deal with the rejection if she rejects me?

Does your mood change when you light a candle?

Posted By almost famous on Aug 9, 2008 at 12:06AM


Girlfriend Traditions

Posted By almost famous on Jul 29, 2008 at 6:51PM

Is there a tradition that you and your girlfriends do besides having a girl's night out? Maybe you and your girls hangout every second Thursday at the mall, Or, you invite them over every Wednesday night and watch a horror movie?

Share your tradition!

If I dress to impress, he should too!

Posted By almost famous on Jul 8, 2008 at 8:39PM

What do you consider flirting? Is it when a man introduces himself, then compliments you? Or, is it when he just flat out ask you a question about womanly things? Knowing good and well he's not interested. Ha! This happened to me today. I was making a trip to the bank and decided to stop by a local foods store. You know the ones that have food/lottery/liquor/candy for the kids....lol There's one in every neighborhood sorry all you suburban people!

I decided to buy a few lottery tickets when I noticed a strange guy standing strangely close to me. I brushed it off, being a Chicagoan that's just how I am. When all of a sudden I hear a young, but masculine voice saying, "Mm... That smells good! What's the name of that scent?" I immediately answered him. Call me conceded if you want, but I swear I knew he was talking to me. I smiled and answered in an alert voice "Victoria's Secret". Once I turned around to see whom I was talking to, I slightly turned down my smile and slowly walked away. But before I did he made a retarded joke saying something about Victoria don't tell nobody....LOL Well I was shocked because it's not like he wasn't attractive, it's just the way he was. His style and body language was all wrong. I'm not into thugs, hustlas you know the general bad boys. No, no, no not for me. When a man presents himself, he should always be prepared just in case he sees a good looking woman that may catch his eye. Now, he don't have to dress in a suit and tie, but just knowing that he can dress well is a good look for a MAN.

For today, I give the guy credit for the compliment on my perfume. However, I strictly believe, if I dress to impress the man for me will have the same mentality!

Alice Gorman's Love List

Posted By almost famous on Jun 20, 2008 at 7:24PM

I was more than likely suppose to watch this episode of Oprah, because Lord knows I'm not an Oprah fan. I kept hearing about the book, The Secret. Reading about it in magazines, watching it being reported and from a few women on this site. Everyone knew or read the book and most saw the movie. I caught an episode of Oprah discussing it. The show was titled, "The secret behind The Secret." I'm not going into the details of the book, because you all know about it all ready.

I was so... into the show. One thing that stuck out to me other than the book itself was Alice Gorman's column about The Love List. This feature was and IS for us desperate young and older women that are having a hard time wondering where our Mr.Right is. It's like we're dressing up to find/get the prince, but we still come up empty. If that even, because there times we get the guy and he's still a goddamn frog....ARUGH!!!

Without posting the whole freaking article, I'll just give you all a little summary. A woman was depressed, frustrated and desperate after having failed relationships, being a widow and a broken engagement, a friend pointed her to a psychic. This psychic told her to go home and write a list of 100 things describing her perfect man. Yep, a damn list is all it takes to get Mr.right. She wanted her to describe the man of her dreams from head to toe. From his personality type to his looks. Everything had to go on that list. If you want him to be faithful(what woman wouldn't put this down?), it would have to go on that list. I sat and thought about this list for a good minute.

I also asked, "what have I got to loose?" So I began to write out mines. Yes even at the tender age of 21, I have a list ready and made to send out to the universe. Now I want to keep most of it a secret, but I can't help but share a couple of things with you ladies. The perfect partner for me in a man that understands marriage and family orientated. So many men give out weddings rings only because they know divorce exists. So it is very crucial that I included, understands marriage. Have a man that loves his family is a great thing as well. It shows he and understand what it takes to keep family happy. It shows he's a stable man or that he CAN be stable.

If you all want to read the whole article, visit this link!

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Delutional Personality Disorders...

Posted By almost famous on Jun 7, 2008 at 10:51PM

What's your take on delusional women? I'm only speaking of women, because this is mainly a woman's site. Seriously, How do you feel about a woman that believe she's wearing a real Louis Vuitton when in fact it's fake! Now Please don't think that I'm this "luxury only" type of person. I buy none brand bags when I can't afford the real thing, but I still keep in mind that it's a none brand bag! Maybe this is some type of disorder...? Or maybe just, maybe these girls( and sadly women), need a reality check?!

I see this damn near every day. It's gotten to the point where it's expected rather than confronted. Everyone has that one or more friend/family member that believes their fake Dooney&Bourke is in fact the real deal. Sometimes we gotta laugh at this and other times we just gotta shake your heads. I know of a lot of chicks that will actually walk that walk... You ladies know what walk I'm talking about. That walk that says, "I'm hot and you're not". This is in fact where I cross the line. I don't tolorate behaviour as such.

I wanna take this on a more serious take.

Why would any mature soul, make up in their own head that something is real when it's not. Material or not, situations like this occur in relationships, friendships and in some form within themselves. As a matter of fact, real life becomes too difficult to live through day to day. So these people create a fantasy land that will make up for what they lack. If there is no relationship there, they make up a false relationship and feed on it. If there's no financial wealth, they create this imagery of wealth. Here's the website to help some of you ladies' opinions about delusional women. http://www.purgatory.net/merits/delusional.htm

Outlook on life as a 20 year-old sees it!

Posted By almost famous on Jun 6, 2008 at 8:06PM

Sometimes I'm baffled at what the world would bring me. I sit here at this computer and wonder if I should be doing something useful with my life? I ask myself over a cup of hot ass Joe, "Alesha, where do you want to be at 30?" I think about it for a few seconds and with an instant, I know I'd want to be moved in a gorgeous home and happily married." Yep! That would sum it all up. This is what I would call big dream. Yes, believing I'm already married at 30 is a big dream to me. Hell, most women want to be married straight out the goddamn womb!

Love is a serious thing, sadly it seems like everyday women AND men are being killed by their spouse or someone they've only known for three months. Love lives today are taken to the max. And it's however, a damn shame that I HAVE keep my address a secret for a while before I can trust any man on the street. Now I'm not paranoid just watch the news and I'll guarantee you, you'll be quick to keep some things to yourself as well. If I didn't take things at a more cautious level, then I'd end up married to the wrong man, with a child on the way wondering how in the hell am I going to pay off the rent/mortgage and carry on a divorce all at the same time?! Scary. As a 20 year-old young woman, I believe in the "you're young" method that older folks throw at me all the time. Talking to my elders, is always an inspirational treat. They help me believe that time is slow when you're young. The present is always moving at the rate you live it. Yes, it's true. The only time, time moves fast is if you live in the past. Once again, that's true!

I do notice that I'm always thinking about where I want to be. Can I possibly think, never act and still be able to pull off my dreams? Only time will tell!